10 Fun FREE Activities to Do With the Children during the Holidays outdoors
6th May 2014
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Go to the Woods:

Take magnifying glasses, paper, crayons and pots and explore the woods for minibeasts and look at the flowers and plants. Draw pictures of what you can see and make bark rubbings. Great places to try are Friston Forest and Hampden Park.

Rainy Day Fun:

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone so put on your wellies and wet weather gear and splash in muddy puddles.

Picnic Time:

For younger children take teddy bears to the picnic, whether it is in your garden or at a park. Sing songs, play games and pretend to feed the teddies. For older kids play competitive games like rounders, football, piggy in the middle and hide and seek or sardines.

Get Growing!

Whether you have a garden, just a patio or a window, enjoy planting fruit and vegetables that they can eat once grown. Indoors you can make cress and outside you could try growing runner beans, tomatoes and strawberries.

Messy Play:

You could let them play in sand trays, water trays, chalking on the patio, water painting- all that is needed is a pot of water and brush and there is no cleaning up! Why not try painting outside, feet painting or get a big sheet or old wallpaper and make giant paintings.

On your Marks, Get Set, Go:

Hold your own Olympics in the garden or an outdoor space like a park. Give the children achievement certificates, make flags to wave and hold games like javelin, shot put, running and obstacle courses.

Water Play:

Whether it be a paddling pool, playing games like fishing out the plastic animals competition, or create an under the sea water tray, using items collected from the beach; rocks, pebbles and shells. It can be the perfect way to cool them down on a hot day.

Colour Hunt:

Draw coloured circles on the ground using chalk and ask the children to go off and find objects of the same colours and place them on the circles. Alternatively, make a coloured chart on some paper and stick objects on to the coloured circles using sticky tape.

Outdoor Bowling Alley:

Fill up 10 plastic bottles with water and add different coloured food colouring to each bottle, get a big ball and set up the bottles up outside like ten pin bowling. Take turns and keep scores, trying to knock down the bottles.

Water Fight!

This activity is great for whatever your age! Fill up your water balloons, get out those super soakers and water guns, or even just a bucket of water and cool down with trying to make each other the most soaked.

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