10 Fun FREE Activities to Do With the Children during the Holidays indoors
6th May 2014
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Make your own play dough:

1 cup plain flour, ½ cup salt, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar (optional), 1 tablespoon cooking oil, food colouring, 1 cup boiling water; mix all together in a large bowl once cool the children can have fun making models and printing patterns using spoons, forks, and cutters.

Dressing Up:

Have a themed role playing day, dressing up for example as a pirate or an astronaut, make the costumes from craft materials around the house and go on space missions, walk the plank, build a ship or rocket from bricks or cardboard boxes or even from chairs.

Junk Modelling:

Recycle materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and pots, and fabric and let the children use them to do some junk modelling. The possibilities are endless; make robots, spaceships, fairy castles or even a boat.

Build an indoor den:

Using a sheet and some chairs you can make an indoor den. The kids can hold their own secret club inside or pretend to be camping.

Race Track/Train Track:

Make your own racing car track or train track using some masking tape on the floor.

Let’s get cooking!

Let the kids help making the lunch or dinner; they will have a great sense of achievement of creating their own meals and learn some new skills.

Have your own private Party!

Play party games such as hokey cokey and musical statues and play the kids favourite music and have dance competitions.

Painting ideas:

There are lots of things you can do with paint, hand painting, marble rolling paint on a piece of paper on a tray, bubble painting adding washing up liquid to paint in a cup and use a straw to blow the bubbles up, blow painting with a straw, potato printing and draw a picture using wax crayons then brush over watered down paint to create a beautiful picture.

Make some musical instruments:

Take a tissue box and stretch across some elastic bands to make a drum. Take a plastic pot and pour in some rice, place a piece of paper over the top of the pot and sticky tape it in to place and you have made a shaker. Stick some straws together using some sticky tape, cut one end of the straws at a diagonal, to make a set of pipes.

Make some ice lollies:

Making your own ice lollies are easy and fun to make and you can experiment with lots of different fruit combinations. Take some fresh fruit and mash it up i.e. strawberries, and add either fruit juice, water and sugar or add fromage frais and sugar to the mashed up fruit. Mix it all up and pour into washed out yogurt pots and put in a lolly pop stick straight up into the mixture. Let them set in the freezer between 4-6 hours. Take them out and leave them for a couple of minutes to soften to be able to take them out easily. Pineapple needs to be mixed up with other flavours to set properly.

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