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Serving up some of the most delicious food around...
English wine production and popularity enjoying a rise.
Bagatti's Italian Restaurant in Croydon serves authentically prepared Italian cuisine using the freshest of locally sourced ingredients. Italy is a diverse Country with many regional variations in all aspects of life but especially so in regard to food. With such a long coastline and the mountainous central area, not to mention the North-South variations, there are plenty of gastronomic experiences to be enjoyed.
The Croydon comedy festival is back again for June & July.
South End food festival & Croydon Heritage Festival both on the way.
Perfectly experienced to get your special day right.
Perfect meals for lighter eating this Spring and Summer.
Head on down there & celebrate national pie week!
The perfect place to take your lovely Mum this Mother's Day!
Time to enjoy the Easter favourites - and some recipes too!
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