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4th March 2019
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In Vietnam, fresh food is a problem that many people care about because it affects the health of each person. Meeting the demand for fresh food, Dung Ha Agricultural Co., Ltd. provides fresh food, Vietnamese specialties. Below, We will introduce some outstanding products of Nong San Dung Ha which are being trusted and liked by many customers:


Safe vegetables in Dalat, Vietnam ensure safety and it has clear origin

These are fresh vegetables grown in Da Lat, Vietnam where there is a mild climate. The products you buy will come to you in the shortest time after ordering to bring Vietnamese families hygienic, safe and delicious meals. We have a lot of good quality vegetables such as: Rocket vegetables make an attractive salad with cress, many types lettuce vegetables in Dalat, green been, courgette, pepper,...


Specialties of Ha Giang, Vietnam

The famous specialties of Ha Giang are now hunted by many people because of their value nutritional and effect for health. Therefore, Dung Ha agricultural contact farmers in Ha Giang and distribute Ha Giang specialty products with clear origin and best quality. Ha Giang specialties are the most favorite customers in Dung Ha typical as:

  • Peppermint honey is pure honey taken from the bile of flowers peppermint tree on the Dong Van stone plateau, each year with only 1 season, so it is very good for health and very rare

  • Many herbs are very good for treatment insomnia such as: trifolia flowers, inner germ of lotus seed,...

  • Raw materials for alcohol soaking

  • Many types spice of Northwest, Vietnam: Hat Doi, Mac Khen,..

  • Nutritious nuts: almond, Walnut, macadamia, pine nut,...


Famous specialties of Vietnam

These are Vietnamese specialty products are taken from material areas in all parts of Vietnam. Then brought back to the company's distribution base in Hanoi. Although the geographical distance is far away, but we always ensure that products to consumers will always be the best. Because, all products are purchased directly at the farms and we have a fast shipping process, so you will always be assured of the price and quality of the products we provide is the best in the market.

  • We have a lot of delicious specialties with some of vegetable in the forest are edible, it is both delicious and strange: Don, Bo Khai, Tam Bop,...

  • Specialty vegetables with some of the vegetable: diamond green, germ of garlic tree, Gia Lai in the forest, Tay Ninh in the forest, Mam Da...

  • ….


Fresh food

Currently, the phenomenon of dirty food, poor quality food makes consumers confused and lost faith. With the motto "Bring safe and economical meals for all families". Dung Ha Agricultural has cooperated with animal husbandry establishments that meet quality standards, meet food hygiene and safety standards to distribute the best live foods.

There are many various types of fresh food such as: Poultry (chicken meat, bird meat, duck meat, ...), fresh pork, beef, fresh seafood, ....


Dry food

Dry food are an essential food in every family's kitchen. Here, you can find common spices used daily in food processing such as dry powders: onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, pepper, ... nutritious nuts, dry seeds (kite seeds, pistachios, split seeds, ..), dry foods (dried mushroom legs, dried shrimp , dry bitter melon, dried chili, ...) and many other quality products.

Beside, the dried foods that have been carefully preliminary treatment carefully ensure the best quality. Our all products are carefully selected, the origin is clear so it has created great trust for customers when using.


Fresh mushrooms

Mushrooms are favorite food of many Vietnamese families because this is a nutritious food and can be processed into different dishes. Where to sell fresh mushrooms? With many years of experience in the fresh food industry, Dung Ha Agricultural is committed to providing the freshest mushrooms, has food safety certification by the Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health Vietnam.

Dung Ha's fresh mushrooms are produced in natural mushroom farms, cultivated and harvested according to the right techniques, giving good quality and high nutritional value. We have a variety of mushrooms: Kim Cham, Bao Ngu, Hai San, black forest mushroom,...


Committed to providing safe food at Dung Ha Agricultural Co., Ltd.

With the motto "Supplying fresh Food - Safe - Professional Service" Dung Ha Agricultural Co., Ltd ensure to meet all requirements and needs of customers through a professional supply system with good prices and quality best, fastest delivery time and best service to customers.

Our products meet domestic and foreign demands. We provide fresh food to the units: restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, schools, preschools, shop systems, wholesale markets, ... more specifically, export markets. to countries like Taiwan, China, Russia, Czech, …

In order to improve the quality of products and the quality of providing fresh food online in Hanoi striving to become better and expanding the export of agricultural products of Vietnam, our company looks forward to the support and comments from a. Please contact us for further advice.


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