6 Delicious Dishes You Can Make Using a Cast Iron Pan
20th March 2019
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Cast iron cookware is like your childhood friend. It has been with you for a long time and supports you better than anyone (or anything) else. That’s because cast iron cookware is actually easier to use than you think and you can cook all sorts of delicious dishes on it. The only disadvantage to this type of cookware is that you need to never soak it in water and it requires more care than other pans. But the results you will get will be absolutely worth your efforts!

A cast-iron pan belongs in every kitchen. If you have such a cast iron pan or a cast iron skillet, let’s discover together some of the most delicious and lazy-proof dishes you can make with your cast iron cookware.


When baking a steak, you need heat, much heat. This creates, through the Maillard reaction, the crispy crust that we all want. To perfectly cook a steak, place the pan in the oven for a while. Yes, you read that correctly. Cast iron cookware can be placed both on a stove and in the oven. You don’t need to wash two dishes to prepared such a great meal.

Putting a piece of fish in your skillet is a slightly less good idea. It can easily stick on the pan or leave a fishy smell on it. You can prevent this by placing a layer of baking paper on the pan.

Tarte Tatin

The fact that cast iron cookware can be easily moved from the stove directly to the oven is a great advantage for preparing a tarte tatin. This dish requires you to caramelize the apples to create that glossy layer on top of this cake. Be careful not to touch the caramel with your bare hands. You can’t properly appreciate the delicious taste of this dish when your hands are burnt.


Cornbread is simply delicious when you pair it with chili with meat or Mexican meatballs: cornbread. This dish is perfect for your cast iron pan and the ideal way to wipe spicy sauces from your plate. By pouring the butter into the large pan you get a delicious crunchy crust, then bake it in the oven. We highly recommend you try out cornbread, if you haven’t had the chance yet to realize how versatile and delicious this dish can be.



Unfortunately, we do not all have a wood oven. On the other hand, a cast iron pan is a lot cheaper and also works very well. Put the pizza dough in your well-preheated pan, making the crust mega crunchy. That's it. That's how you can make pizza on a cast iron pan or skillet in 30 minutes.

Fried chicken

Once you get back to using your cast iron skillet, you can say good-bye to your deep-fry pan. A cast iron pan is the perfect soulmate for fried chicken and vice versa. This type of cookware retains heat and allows you to keep the same temperature until when the delicious flavor of fried chicken spreads across all the room of your house. Super yummy and super convenient.


In a toast, the temperature is also incredibly important. It should not be too high so that the cheese can slowly melt while the bread becomes golden brown (and not black). Preheat the pan and keep the toast on low heat. Best sandwich ever guaranteed.

After reading this piece, you will feel the need to start preparing most of your meals with a cast iron pan. That’s great and we definitively encourage you to do so. However, just avoid cooking acidic foods on it. For example, do not make tomato sauce and do not quench with wine or vinegar. This affects the outer layer of the pan, and your food can also get an irony taste. We bet you want to avoid feeling like licking iron bars while eating the dinner it took you so much time to prepare.


When it comes to high-quality cast iron cookware, price is definitively important but not as essential as the materials that make it. Take for example Velosan, a German-made cast iron cookware that is proven to give you the best delicious food by relying on its strength, guarantee, and durability. All their cast iron pans are seasoned with a natural layer of fat, so you don’t need to worry too much about chemicals leaking into your food.

Velosan’s mission is precisely to deliver high-quality cast iron kitchenware and cookware for every occasion, which enable us to enjoy cooking the same way as we enjoy our food.

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