13 Facts about Strengths in Living with Autism
8th November 2015
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Autism now affects 1 in 68 children, and 1 in 42 boys.
There is no medical detection or cure for autism, and some of society perceive it as a detrimental condition. Perhaps we should take a step back and study the strengths of this condition, rather than considering this to be an affliction.

1.)    Attention to Detail: An autistic person has an unusual ability to pay close attention to detail. Not much gets past the eye, and they are very capable of recognizing any miniscule changes to things.

2.)    Often Highly Skilled in a Particular Area: A person living with autism possesses considerable strengths to their skills.  Many times, an autistic person would be considered to be of a savant level, usually with incredible strengths in one or more of five major areas:  art, musical abilities, calendar calculation, mathematics, and spatial skills. Approximately, half of savants are autistic, and those with autism, 10% of those have savant abilities. In essence, persons with autism are highly skilled beyond an average human being’s capabilities.

3.)    Deep study and encyclopedic knowledge on areas of interest: An autistic person has an uncanny ability to recall facts and knowledge, especially in things of a particular interest to that person.  Memory recall is very detailed and factual.

4.)    Logic: A person living with autism has a strong sense of logic and will usually have a tendency to be extremely logical and helpful in decision making where emotions may interfere otherwise. An autistic person has a wonderful approach to be able to perceive the challenges that are faced, and come to a well thought- out decision, free of emotional turmoil, that an average person may face.

5.)    Less concern for what others may think of them: This can be either a strength of a challenge. However, a person who lives with autism, can have the ability to proudly achieve their goals, free of worry about what others may think of them. This truly is recognized as more of a strength than a detriment, in my opinion.

6.)    Strong, independent thinkers:  some Autistic persons can have the insight to view the ‘big picture’ in different ways than an average human being can perceive. Autistic persons can have different ways of considering situations, and can often look at the whole picture in a clearer perspective; looking at things, ideas, and concepts.

7.)    Visual Processors: A person living with autism can visually process situations and items in pictures or video. This also enables their strong ability in memory recognition and understanding of circumstances.

8.)    Often Very Verbal: An autistic person can have a strong propensity to speak in highly detailed conversation. Think of a situation in which you are lost and need clear and concise directions. A person with autism has the ability to verbalize directions and instructions in a clear and understandable explanation to help guide you back to where you need to be.

9.)    Direct communication: Although persons living with autism may have communication disorders, one also has the strength and ability to communicate in a direct and constructive fashion, when communication does exist.

10.) Loyalty: This one speaks for itself. An autistic person is a loyal person, and will rise to the challenge that any person may face, and remain loyal and upstanding in their ways.

11.) Honesty: The strength of honesty that an autistic person possesses can be quite virtuous. However, like all strengths, this can also sometimes be viewed as a challenge to others, especially when asking how an outfit may look on their body or if they like their new hairdo. An autistic person will give an honest and concrete answer, no lies involved.

12.) Nonjudgemental Listening: Fantastic and comforting conversations can be had with a person who lives with autism. Upon sharing your quandary with your fellow autistic friend, you can expect a non-judgemental listening ear, as well as a concrete and honest thought towards your situation. One truly sees how helpful and compassionate people with autism are in helping others.

13.) Average to above average intelligence: This last but not least fact speaks volumes in the world of autism individuals. They are intelligent………. Highly intelligent. When some areas can be challenging for an autistic person, other areas allow them to excel beyond one’s normal abilities. For parents of younger autistic children, once you work out what these strengths and abilities are, you can help to promote your child’s development with this.


People with autism have some strong advantages over people without the condition, and society perhaps need to stop focusing on viewing the traits of autism as flaws that need to be corrected. It is time to begin thinking and realizing the advantages of autism, and not consider autism as a ‘cross to bear’.


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