Work Better and Smarter by Becoming Mentally Fit
16th December 2015
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I'm sure that all of you spend considerable time thinking about how you can run your business effectively: understanding your customer's needs, keeping up with industry trends, understanding your competition, etc. ou may also spend some time thinking about your physical fitness. But, how much of your success is dependent on your mind being in the right place to run your business? And how much time do you spend on making sure that it is?

Just as your body neds food, rest and exercise if it is to perform effectively, so the mind also needs the same if it is to be fit and perform. The reality is however, that you probably spend very little time thinking about your mental fitness, or that of your staff beyond buying and not reading the latest management self-help books.

Mind coaching is a practical approach to gaining mental fitness and consists of a set of easily learned tools and techniques which if used regularly can help you and your staff impirove their confidence and concentration; focus on the positive; manage negative emotions and toughen up their mental attitude.

My mind coaching approach is normally taught over four weekly sessions and can be adapted to either the individual or to a group situation.

I hold a degree in International Business Administration and post-graduate qualifications in Management and Marketing as well as qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Psychology. I have over 30 years business experience working for companies ranging from small boutique consultancies torhough to large multi-nationals such as Nestle, Tesco and IBM. During this time, I have trained and mentored sales teams in over 30 countries and have used this experience as the basis of my method to increase mental fitness.

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