Cover Your Cough
23rd March 2016
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Covering your cough is one way of keeping the spread of germs under control.

Last evening I was enjoying a fine dining experience, with a neighbouring table of diners also pouring into their fabulous meal. However, the only difference between our dining experience was the fact that one woman at the neighbouring table effected her poor tablemates experience by having to share in her germs, as an extra condiment to their own meals. This woman progressively coughed and coughed AND coughed over the table, rarely covering her cough.

If one must cough, then it is only kind to cover your cough with a tissue , or use your upper arm or your elbow to cough into....... never your hands! 

Let's all enjoy this Easter holiday season healthy and happy, and leave only treasured memories behind............... not ill-fated germs.

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