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If you run a café, restaurant, sandwich bar, deli counter or bakery you need to be up to date with the latest EU laws.
Mike Maynard is planning the provision of a two day course to get you on the right track.
If the spring cleaning is daunting and you can’t face all the accumulated dirt – call in the professionals to help.
A Guide to Advertising Events!
A Guide to Advertising Events!
Six simple steps to advertising your events in this guide!
A job opportunity that has arisen with us here at the Coach House in St Dogmaels, CArdigan
Protecting your business as a self employed person is vital at any time but is crucial now, how prepared are you?
Lie detectors in a disciplinary meeting? Would you use one? Would it be legal? Or is it just one step to far?
You have made the decision to hire someone and they have accepted - It is a Verbal Contract - Is it enough?
Award winning Hairdressers and beauty salon in Newcastle Emlyn, Talking Heads celebrate the love shown by their clients.
Successful businesses have most of their calls answered by a real person. Is this your business or are you losing out on potential business because your telephone is not answered by a real person?
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