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We are so fortunate to live in such a diverse county as Ceredigion. Each town and village as its own unique character and vibe and none more so than the picturesque town of Aberaeron on Cardigan Bay
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls are in Ceredigion but lie just on the border of Carmarthenshire so I thought I would include them in my “what to do in Carmarthenshire” blogs, as they are so magnificent.
One of the biggest attractions for visitors to the Cardigan Bay coast is the fantastic views they can get of the many bottlenose dolphins that live in the area – and the porpoises, seals and flocks of sea birds too. You can go dolphin-spotting from anywhere along the coast, but taking a boat trip is a great way to get close to them, and to see the birds that nest on the cliffs.
If you run a café, restaurant, sandwich bar, deli counter or bakery you need to be up to date with the latest EU laws.
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