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We are so fortunate to live in such a diverse county as Ceredigion. Each town and village as its own unique character and vibe and none more so than the picturesque town of Aberaeron on Cardigan Bay
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls
Cenarth Falls are in Ceredigion but lie just on the border of Carmarthenshire so I thought I would include them in my “what to do in Carmarthenshire” blogs, as they are so magnificent.
Geocaching This Easter
Geocaching This Easter
Free treasure hunts are all around us, every day of the year. All you need is a GPS or a mobile phone...
The same advice applies year round so bear these things in mind before you take your next trip away.
Barrie Rees at Goldilocks Locksmiths has a great product to protect your home – whilst you are away.
I hate to ask but I’m going to: are you feeling festive yet?
Mid-November already? How on earth did that happen?!
November - Short days and cold nights. Grab a cup of something warming and have a read through what's happening this week...
Here's a list of events to help you make the most of your free time!
Just some of the things to do and see over the last week in October
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