What are the benefits of a virtual office for your Cambridge business?
18th March 2014
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Traditionally, for a business to be regarded as 'established' and 'reputable', it needed its own office. A physical place of work, with tables, chairs, phones and staff.

And for many businesses, this approach is still the best way of working. Face-to-face contact, the camaraderie and motivation of working alongside others, a set location in which customers can visit and buy.

But for many small and micro businesses, an office is an unnecessary expense. The increase of flexible, remote working due to technological breakthroughs means that many business owners and staff don't have to leave their houses to do their work. Why spend money on rent and rates when those overheads do absolutely nothing to grow your business?

A virtual office could be the answer.

As a business, you may not want to pay out for expensive office space, but you probably don't want to list your home address and phone number on your business cards. After all, perception is everything! A virtual office provides many of the benefits you would expect from renting an office – you will have a city or town centre address, receptionist and call handling – but without the associated costs. Virtual office services are significantly cheaper than renting actual office space, particularly when it is of no use to your business.

Many virtual office companies have a variety of packages from 'address only' to all singing, all dancing packages, including call answering and messaging, mail forwarding, access to meeting rooms on those occasions you do need a professional space to 'talk shop' with a client and virtual PA support.

Working from home is now an accepted practice for many business people in a variety of sectors, particularly consultants and freelancers. Owner managers and staff with children are able to enjoy flexible working hours and there are many business people who live abroad but with the support of a virtual office, are able to be based in the local area.

However, there is still a perception amongst some larger, traditional businesses that home-based workers are seen as 'less professional' and 'less easy to access'. These businesses are much more likely to choose suppliers that have an office address and number. After all, it's human nature to seek out familiarity and security and a 'real' office suggests permanence and reliability. Virtual office services can lower the barrier between you and these larger companies; they feel safe in using you as you appear to have a set location and you have access to a wider market without having to leave your home office.

Many businesses employ staff or subcontract work to freelancers across the country. This ability to tap into talent without being geographically limited is hugely beneficial but can be problematic if your workforce is literally spread across hemispheres. By opting for a virtual office, you can set a central address and location for your business.

Plus there are many businesses based across different counties and countries that want to grow in another geographical area. With virtual office support, your business can 'set itself up' as a local business in Cambridge or elsewhere without actually having to be based here.

Enlist the support of Factotum

Covering Cambridge and beyond, Factotum helps businesses of all sizes grow and succeed without having to follow the 'traditional' route. Factotum can manage your diary, answer your calls when you are not available and provide a frontline receptionist to ensure that your clients perceive your business as a professional, successful entity.

Factotum also provides a wide range of cost-effective virtual office services, including a company address, phone number in the town or city of your choosing, mail redirection services and much more.

Please click here for further information on Factotum and how its virtual PA and office services can benefit your Cambridge business.

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