The friendliest place on Earth
14th September 2015
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After a very busy couple weeks and maybe just a little procrastination, I’m back to blog.

Last we spoke I had just come back from a wonderful trip in Slovenia with some new friends, and this post may be quite similar… less action perhaps. This time I was off to beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. I realize I said very similar things about Slovenia, but Copenhagen was absolutely wonderful! Denmark is known as the happiest place on earth. It’s no joke. Everyone we encountered was well-spoken, polite, friendly, and just plain looked happy. How does a country with so little sunshine maintain that level of happiness? I feel like I wilt without sunshine. But somehow they are thriving, and I was happy the whole time we were there as well. We lucked out with some gorgeous weather, so we did a fair amount of walking and made great use of their phenomenal public transit system. On the first day alone we walked about 16 miles. There was just so much to see! All over this beautiful city were statues of heroes, royalty, and unknowns, realist and abstract. My favourite was the statue of Marie, a princess of Denmark, which can be seen near the port of Copenhagen. (See title photo.) She was magnificent! The people of Denmark have cultivated some truly brilliant sculpturists.

While there we of course made the obligatory but fun rounds to the statue of the little mermaid, the Carlsburg brewery, a canal tour, Tivoli Gardens, and Christiana. The scariest part, yes there was a scary part, was not a trip through the independent village of Christiana where the smell of marijuana drifted through every inch of their heavily graffiti’d and wooded land. It was the Church of Our Saviour.,_Copenhagen  If you have a quick look at the link, you will notice some interesting words, “most famous for its helix spire with an external winding staircase…” It wasn’t so bad climbing inside the tower or even on the outside… at first. But the top was/is truly squeal worthy. As you may notice with most towers of this sort, the staircase narrows the higher you climb. At the crown of this tower the last step is barely wide enough to fit one foot. Yes there is railing, but you have an uninhibited, panoramic view from the top because the railing is only barely higher than standard house stairs. Whew! The scene was breath taking, almost literally as it was quite windy up there. We went for a brew immediately after our descent. Skål! (Cheers!)

Can I do it again? Can I make the time I spent on this worth it to the MD? Why of course I can!

It’s all about being friendly. The biggest part of me wanting to now move to Denmark is how friendly everyone was. Paris is a beautiful and exciting city, but it has the reputation of being very snobby. Do you want your business to be known as a ‘Paris’ or a ‘Copenhagen’? Copenhagen of course. Unfortunately, managers and owners are not always in a ‘Copenhagen’ type mood when answering the phone for potential business. At Factotum, we are always a ‘Copenhagen’ when answering the phone. In fact, I’d say we are a Berlin/Copenhagen hybrid. Professional, courteous, friendly and efficient.

Let us be you call answering ‘Copenhagen’ on a free trial. Just give me a bell. I’m always happy to help. 01638 576400 

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