Popular Nigerian food you must try!
18th May 2016
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4 Popular Nigeria foods you must try!

1.  Jollof Rice -  the main ingredient is rice.  The thing about jollof rice is that every Nigerian food lover has their unique way of cooking it, so you can not compare.

2.  Asaro (Yam pottage) - the main ingredient is Yam.  Yam is rich in carbohydrate, a good source of energy and it is from West African.

3.  Akara (Bean burger) - the main ingredient is beans.  Beans is a very good option for vegetarians.  Blended and fried beans in a burger bread, with steamed onions, sliced tomatoes topped with Africfood special sauce.

4.  Ewa & Dodo (Beans & Plantain) - the main ingredients are beans and plantain.  Good option for vegetarians.  Beans are high in protein and plantain is a good source of iron.

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