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31st July 2015
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This has been a loooong week with loads going on, so I have decided to do a top 7 for this week’s blog. Everyone loves a good count down. In an effort to keep it relevant to my job so he will keep paying me to write these things, the topic is…. (drum roll please)

Top 7 Favourite Calls

(For obvious reasons, these will be anonymous.)


7. Cancellations. We hear an alarming amount of family emergencies and traffic issues that may or may not be real when needing to cancel an appointment. Though we are sorry for their possible issue, when calling to cancel an appointment because you are stuck in traffic, make sure you do not have your microwave set to go off during the call. Microwaves in cars can be very distracting.

6. The Elderly. God bless them and our wonderful team that takes the time to listen. Sometimes they just want to have a little chat. During this little chat we often find out when their pet died, what’s for dinner, where they bought their new favourite top, but not why they are calling.

5. Jones or Jones? When taking down a name, the person at the other end said (phonetically spelled) “J’nez”. As any of our receptionists would ask, “How do you spell that?” “J-O-N-E-S”. Thinking outside of the name-box. Good for you.

4. Body Parts. Yes, these are real questions. “Can I speak to the man with the wooden leg?” “Is the man with the mermaid tattoo on his arm there?” What’s really fun, is we have to ask the same questions when forwarding the call. Needless to say, we learn a lot about our clients.

3. Love Line. As you may have noticed, we work with all sorts of clients and callers, but one of our favourites is a man that owns a goat. We know he owns the goat because we heard it, loud and clear. He also has declared his love to each receptionist and asked for their hand in marriage, even Shaun.

2. Ailments. We work with loads of clinics, and they are great clients. However, we have learned quite a bit more than needed about their clients. Quite often, we are told every ailment that has come upon the caller before we can even finish our salutation. They are aware that they have called a booking line, and all we need is there name and address to book them. I suppose the saying holds true… Misery loves company.

1. Wrong Number. This is our number one most confusing question and the most common ‘Favourite Call’. Us: “I’m sorry. You’ve dialled the wrong number.” Caller: “Oh. Can you tell me the number of who I am trying to call?” Though we are very intuitive and helpful, we do not possess the supernatural power of Telepathy. Telephone receptionist, Telepathic receptionist… I can see how that would be confusing.


We say these are our favourites because they almost always give us a giggle. Though we love a nice boring day as much as the next call answering company, it’s nice to break up the monotony with a fun caller. Our team is well trained to handle angry or upset callers, but nothing prepares you for love declarations from a man with a goat.

All of this is typed to say that our clients are oh so very happy to have us answering their calls, so they can focus on their business. And we can focus on the Favourite Calls.

For more info on our services go to or call one of our lovely receptionists at 01638 576400. We’re happy to help.

P.S. This week's photos are brought to you by Busy As A Bee. Guess what the new branding will be? 

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