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What to do After The New Year?
What to do After The New Year?
Christmas is nearly here so with any lucky your readily prepared for it but what about after?
How can you make the Christmas rush so much quicker? Well I've done a list of what everyone has to do each year and all the places you can get your bits and bobs from!
Spending more time with your mechanic than at work, not anymore!
If you thought that having to wear glasses would give you restrictions on the things you like to do then thing again...
So many people are scared of the dentist, but here is a dentist you can trust and will do everything they can to make you feel at ease.
Who Can You Trust?
Who Can You Trust?
When you brake down or you'r car starts making a few strange noises, you need someone you can trust to fix it.
Basildon has now got its very own BIG Hollywood style sign which has been situated along the A127 corridor! The question is was it the right thing to do...
AJ Light Commercials carries on fighting back to the slip road closure on the A127!
The corks were popping for the volunteers of Gateway FM
A few companies you may need in this weather...
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