Christmas Time in Basildon! There's Soo Much To Do!
2nd December 2010
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Christmas, So Much To Do So Little Time



I haven’t written on here for a while due to the rushing about before Christmas. I think everyone will agree with me when I say Christmas is a spec in the distance until one day, BANG! It's here and there is so much to do in such a small space of time! That’s why I thought I would help out the residence of Basildon with where to go for all your Christmas needs!

First things first

Well the first thing you have to do is the presents, one of the worst bits, shopping but not for yourself! It's sends me near to tears... Well this can be made easier as Basildon is lucky enough to have the Eastgate Shopping Centre right in the middle! Then there's Basildon Market round the corner, you'll get it done quicker than ever!

Time to get into the spirit

Ok, the shopping’s done (well there's always those couple that seem to get left to the last week) so it's time to get into the spirit of things... the decorations! Whether it's outside on the house (if your brave enough to stand out there in this weather!) or the tree and all the decorations that go with it, you got to have some. This bit isn't too hard as every shop in the world takes great advantage of this and there are decorations everywhere you look! The harder bit is finding the fancy dress outfit; Jokers' Masquerad has fancy dress for every occasion and next day delivery in and around the Basildon area! So even if you forget you'll still get it on time!

The food

Right next is the unforgettable Christmas meal! Well, lucky you, we have an online wine merchant called Majestic Wine. They will deliver anywhere in and Basildon so that's another saved trip in this "lovely" weather. Then you can get your Christmas food from the Eastgate Shopping Centre and your naughty bits from Home Fayre Ltd that is full of yummy cakes and other delicious treats.


With any luck now you should be finished and concentrating on all those Christmas parties you've got to attend and, of course, the last bits and bobs you always, always forget! If you know of any great places to get Christmas goodies from don't hesitate to comment!

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