Swim AND See? Who'd Of Thought It!
22nd October 2010
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Direct Specs Can Make Anything Visible!


I have always loved going swimming, since I was a child it didn't matter if it was hot or cold, indoors or out as long as there was a pool and someone to play with, I was in it! I think I manly loved it because I would play in there for hours with my mother (even though she hated it!). The reason for being in there so long was because she wouldn't wear her glasses in case they got broken therefore I could tell her it was any time I decided (the joys of being a child..). I did feel a bit sorry for her as she bumped into the side of the pool over and over but what would children be for if they didn't laugh at their parents? But (unfortunately) I've grown up now so I decided I can't stand and watch as my mother falls into the pool (how ever much I want to). I discovered Direct Specs, Direct Specs have prescription swimming goggles! I thought what a brilliant Christmas present! Not just for my mother but the look on my little brothers face when he realises he can't run off without my mum seeing.. Priceless! Click here to see more of what Direct Specs Have to offer you.


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