Who Can You Trust?
6th October 2010
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Car's to me are a thing of mystery, if you put one in front of me I wouldn't have a clue what the make, model or even what the size of the engine was! I should be driving soon (with any luck) and I know when I start, if my car go's wrong in any way I probably wouldn't even know until the thing was up in flames! So, I decided I'd have a look on the site to see what garage looked like one I could trust to tell me if there was anything wrong with my car before I get to the flame stage, also one that would tell me there is nothing wrong when there isn't! When going on to C H Motor's page I thought best to have a look at what other people thought about their service first hand. I was impressed as soon as I started to read the first one! It read "I have used these guys for a few years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. It’s a friendly, fast service and i always trust what they are telling me." Not only do they have loads of shining testimonials like that but there is not a bad word to be said about them. Click here if you would like to see some more information about C H Motors.

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