The New Basildon BIG Sign! ... What's it all about!
31st March 2010
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So was it the right thing for the council to spend a whopping £90,000 (please note: I got this figure from the mail online article so if it is out, don't blame me) on a Hollywood style 5ft high sign that states the word "BASILDON" as you drive along the A127...

Well it has certainly opened up discussions and has given Basildon some well overdue publicity not only from a local perspective but the national media has seemed to embraced this story also.

Most of which that has been written has been about condeming Basildon Council in relation to the amount of money that was spent, that could have been spent on so called better things.

If I must say so myself, my own view and maybe its because I showcase, promote and represent a selection of the most professional and recommended businesses in the Basildon area, is that the council whatever you may think of them had the right and good intentions when this idea was concieved.

It is all about trying to put Basildon on the map when it comes to the local area and predominately helping businesses along that corridor by increasing the profile.

I think whenever public money is spent there is always the angle that the money could have been spent on better causes but i think in the long run the residents of Basildon will see that this sign will have a positive lasting legacy.

I will be interested in hearing anybodys thoughts on this...

Here are some articles that have been written, I thought you might want to have a look:


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