What to do After The New Year?
22nd December 2010
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What you'll need after the New Year!

I thought I would take the time out of my busy Christmas schedule (what a relief!) to write a blog on all the things everyone’s going to have to think about after the New Year. With any luck you're pretty much sorted now for Christmas, apart from those few who always leave it right to the last minuet, so you can start thinking ahead so it's not such a rush as soon as Christmas is over. First thing you've got to think about is "where do I put all those unwanted gifts that I can’t throw away as I don't want to hurt anyones feelings?" Well my answer to that is don’t take them out of the box, re-wrap them and give them to someone else for a birthday present and the cycle goes on and on, just remember who gave it to you because if you don’t that can end up highly embarrassing, trust me! So where do we store them? We have a great mobile storage company that is trust worthy and in your local area called Simply store. Well that’s the first dilemma sorted next is to get rid of all the extra pounds that generous Christmas dinner and all those beautiful treats so happily gave to you. J&S Health & Fitness will happily help you out and get you back into shape so you can do it all over again next year! Right the unwanted weight is gone along with the rubbish presents so now you can concentrate on the New Years resolutions. Now I know I have never ever stuck to a New Years resolution and I also know its because I have absolutely terrible will power so I'm not implying this is the same for you but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there! If you've tried and tried but nothing will work and those unwanted habits just keep coming back why not try Mind Matters Hypnotherapy? With 14 testimonials and even more satisfied customers you might just find that you stick to this year’s resolution! And last but not least pop down to the local chemist and get your self some pain killers for those terrible headaches that come side by side with all those Christmas and New Years parties.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


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