AJ Light Commercials Save You Money, Time and You're Van!
27th October 2010
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Save Save Save..


I don't drive yet, fingers crossed I will be soon although I think all of my friends and family are keeping theirs crossed hoping that I wont be on the road for a long time to come. Nevertheless when I eventually do start driving I know for a fact my first car will be a proper first car, by that I mean you'll see me broken down on every street corner! This reminds me of my ex, I absolutely hated that van! In the mornings we would set off for work, or at least try to! I well and truly made up the hours as after work I would be waiting for, what felt like ever, him to get his mates to jump start the van before he could even think about picking me up! I decided I would be better off walking! Lately I've seen the business AJ Light Commercials that do an out of hours drop off and pick up service and a free courtesy vehicle until it's finished! Unfortunately I don't know if my ex still has that van but if he does, well I might let him know about it...


"At AJ Light Commercials we understand that is not always convenient to drop off or collect your vehicle after servicing due to children or work commitments"



I think this is a great statement as usually when dealing with a business the "customer come's first" line isn't completely true or at least it doesn’t feel like it. So when your considerations are put first you feel valued you want to go back there again and this is exactly what this company does! Click here to find out more about AJ Light Commercials.


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