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Do you need a new garage door? If so read on!
Do love or loathe ironing? Maybe you have time but no inclination? Find out how professional ironing services in Lichfield can help.
Don't try this at home. Please leave it to professional carpet cleaners like us. But we really do carry out a burn test to determine what kind of fibres your carpet is made from.
When having a carpet in your home was exclusively for the rich. In the industrial revolution white bread and chloroform were recommended carpet cleaning ingredients, and who invented the vacuum? It was a British engineer.
When some carpet and upholstery cleaners are asked to clean luxury furnishings they take fright and run for the hills, but not us!
Strange things are happening when clients spill things on pH sensitive fabric. We’ve had white wine turning red overnight, and orange juice causing a pink stain. So, what is occurring?
Secrets Of Carpet Stain Removal
Secrets Of Carpet Stain Removal
Have you ever wondered why stains are so hard to remove from your carpets and upholstery?
Stain Removal Myths Busted!
Stain Removal Myths Busted!
As experts in carpet and upholstery cleaning in Lichfield we’re happy to share our knowledge. So, here’s some of the most popular myths truly busted. For example, does pouring white wine on a red wine stain actually work?
We could go on and on but we've just given you a few to ponder.
Knight & Doyle Open For Emergencies & Free Advice If you don't want us in your home during lockdown, we understand. But accidents and spills will happen. We offer free advice on how to treat stains or soiling to your carpets and upholstery on the phone.
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