Did you know? It’s National Allotment Week?
10th August 2015
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Not many people have an allotment and National Allotment Week (10th to 16th August) aims to raise awareness as to why people should have one.

Here are five great reasons why you should have your own allotment:

  1. You can nurture and watch over your own fruit, vegetables and flowers! A very satisfying experience.
  2. You can add home grown ingredients to healthy meals knowing full well that there is no rubbish in them
  3. You can make new friends, you can have some great conversations with other allotment owners.
  4. You will be out in the open air getting some exercise – great for your health and wellbeing.  All of that digging can bring a real glow to your brow.
  5. You can sell or exhibit what you grow.

Many allotments are under threat from developers so it is very important that local communities support their allotments.

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