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21st September 2016
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As we’ve all probably noticed, it’s got quite cold as of recent. While not quite at winter temperatures, we’re leaving summer behind and making our way into autumn.

So before we do get the nasty winter weather, how about ensuring that the cold doesn’t get into your house?

Curtain and Home in Lichfield can supply you with curtains as well as blinds which will keep the cold out of your home and keep you nice and cozy when it’s freezing outside.

What separates them from the rest though is that they make the curtains and blinds. They work with customers to find out what it is that they want and will create that for them. They work well with their customers in a collaborative effort, making sure the job leaves them with a smile on their face.


Curtain & Home have been in business for over 30 years and are as dedicated and passionate as they were when they started. Some of their customers have remained loyal and used their services since the beginning and continue to do so.

You can arrange to visit their showroom in Lichfield, where they showcase a variety of soft furnishing from leading fabric designers. While you’re there, you can discuss your ideas with the team and see what takes your fancy.


If you can’t come then don’t worry. They will come to your house to discuss what you want.

Don’t let your house become a huge ice block. Get some curtains or blinds to keep the heat in and the cold out. Call Curtain & Home on 01543 401026.


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