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A Swansea soldier based in Afghanistan is doing his charity bit by completing a series of gruelling physical challenges.
The Civic building in Swansea that has dominated the seafront since the 80's will be put up for sale in the new year.
The Swansea tidal lagoon has taken another big step forward this week.
The councils in Wales have been encouraged to merge and that's what Swansea are talking about.
An internationally renowned architect and planner has been recruited to the Swansea regeneration programme.
Swansea university continues to be one of the most successful in attracting overseas students.
Famous son of Swansea honoured
Famous son of Swansea honoured
One of Captain Scott's ill fated South Pole team Edgar Evans is commemorated with a blue plaque.
The consultation phase for parties who want to have their say about the Swansea Lagoon project is coming to an end.
Results of a consultation with Swansea residents reveals what they want from their city.
Swansea announce that they will allow 17000 new houses to be built in and around the city.
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