Is the Swansea Barrage moving closer to reality?
26th November 2014
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The consultation phase for parties who want to have their say about the Swansea Lagoon project is coming to an end.

The results together with the planning submission then moves to the Welsh Government for review.

This project which will be a world first will provide jobs in construction and operation - up to 1900.

It will also make Swansea a destination for the tech that it will display and as a major boost to tourism.

The electricity that it will generate will power over 150000 homes.

What's not to like?

Well there are concerns about the impact on fishing and on bird life.

These are being robustly addressed by the backers.

The local Swansea businesses are strongly in favour seeing this as an opportunity to reestablish Swansea in the way that Cardiff Bay and barrage did for that city.

The project has serious backing from private investors and the timescale is such that with approval construction could start in 2015!

This is exciting and just the sort of thing that Swansea needs. 


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