Swansea - coming to an open space near you - houses
25th November 2014
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Swansea announce that they will allow 17000 new houses to be built in and around the city.

I know that Swansea is a desirable place to live but i didn't know that they need all that number of new houses.

I appreciate that these are areas that are designated for development at this stage but nevertheless the number seems huge.

If there is the demand for the homes then this is a good thing.

A lot of the areas identified are old factory and industrial sites but there are also green areas too.

It's all very well to say that some of these sites are 'infill' and already surrounded by exisiting housing development.

Surely that was the point - that some areas of green were retained for locals to enjoy without having to travel far from home.

We will change the character of Swansea forever if there is more and more concrete laid down with the open spaces moved further and further away.

If the demand is there we need to make sure that it is satisfied in as sympathetic a way as possible for both the locals and the city as a whole.



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