Swansea people have their say about their city
26th November 2014
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Results of a consultation with Swansea residents reveals what they want from their city.

The survey asked people what they felt was important to them about Swansea.

The answers were predictable.

Maintain green open space for residents to enjoy.

Improve the traffic flow in the city centre

Provide help for shop keepers who want to start up in the city centre. 

It's interesting that in the week that the people ask their council to maintain green and open space that the same council announce plans to allow the development of 17000 new houses within the city.  

The really key request is that more support is given to people who want to have a go at setting up a business in th ecity centre.

They need to have generous rate and rent support to get started.

This is how we regenerate the city centre.

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