swansea to get international help in redesigning it's city centre
28th November 2014
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An internationally renowned architect and planner has been recruited to the Swansea regeneration programme.

Ken Maher will join up with senior council figures local property professionals, business people and other influencers from the city.

His expertise is in the field of town planning and design and one of the tasks that will be at the fore is to how reintegrate the city centre with the seaside.

Alongside this of course is the object of sustainable business regeneration.

This is an area that Sir Terry Matthews of Celtic manor fame and one of Wales wealthiest men is looking at.

He has set the challenge to identify ways to retain the best academic talent that graduates from Swansea University.

Sir Terry is keen to see local business especially in the high tech fields thrive on th eback of this locally nurtured talent.

Sounds like exciting times ahead!

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