Sale of Swansea Civic Centre edges closer.
5th December 2014
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The Civic building in Swansea that has dominated the seafront since the 80's will be put up for sale in the new year.

It is likely that the complex will generate a lot of interest from a variety of parties.

suggestions for it's use range from hotels to conference centres or even a retail  and entertainment complex.

in the short term the council need to find alternative accomodation for the people who still work out of the building.

There are options and these have been further broadened by the other debate that has been taking place - that of council mergers.

inevitably if the council was to merge with say Neath Port Talbot then this also would produce surplus office accomodation.

No firm indication has yet been made public as to how much money the sale is likely to raise and this of course is one of the key questions.


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