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Denise from Denise's Cakes shares an update on her services during Covid-19.
Denise from Denise's Cakes For All Occasions shares an easy-to-make recipe for Treacle Sponge.
Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions of Ramsgate, always produce delightful cakes that are appropriate, wonderful to look at, fit for all special occasions, and they taste gorgeous too!
Parties and celebrations would not be the same without a lovely cake, especially for children. The thrill of seeing the beautifully created birthday cake festooned with candles that must be blown out bringing joy to all who witness the excitement brings misty eyes to Mums and Dads.
The perfect birthday cake!
The perfect birthday cake!
A birthday cake is an essential part of a birthday! Birthday parties just aren’t the same without one, therefore the cake has to be perfect!
Is your wedding fast approaching? Here are 5 tips when deciding on the perfect wedding cake for your wedding.
When an occasion dictates the need for a cake many of us go to our local supermarket and buy something off the shelf.
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