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VW campervan hire company Wanderlust on Wheels have recently relocated down to the South East and to celebrate this new customers are given a 20% discount for all bookings taking place before the end of April 2019.
How to Build a Cake Like a Pro?
Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions of Ramsgate, always produce delightful cakes that are appropriate, wonderful to look at, fit for all special occasions, and they taste gorgeous too!
Parties and celebrations would not be the same without a lovely cake, especially for children. The thrill of seeing the beautifully created birthday cake festooned with candles that must be blown out bringing joy to all who witness the excitement brings misty eyes to Mums and Dads.
Local Tunbridge Wells singer/songwriter, Daisy Hicks, has just released “Christmas Without You” – a well-crafted song that is sure to be played for years to come. Capturing the meaning of Christmas in its most traditional sense, 10% of the digital sales for ‘Christmas Without You’ will be donated to BBC’s Children In Need this year.
Healthy birthday cake ideas
Healthy birthday cake ideas
Cakes are one of the staples when celebrating different occasions especially birthdays. We can choose from different flavors, designs and sizes depending on how large the party crowd is. Due to different developments and improvements in the field of baking, a lot of baking styles and products have emerged and as the people become more health- conscious, bakers all over the world are coming up with new ideas on how people can enjoy cakes without eating too much calories and excessive sugar.
The perfect birthday cake!
The perfect birthday cake!
A birthday cake is an essential part of a birthday! Birthday parties just aren’t the same without one, therefore the cake has to be perfect!
Jocelyn Brown ~ Live
Jocelyn Brown ~ Live
Jocelyn Brown is a woman with a powerful, soul shaking voice that reaches out with extended arms and engulfs your musical desires.
Is your wedding fast approaching? Here are 5 tips when deciding on the perfect wedding cake for your wedding.
Your wedding day is most notably one of the greatest days of your life. Therefore all the preparations leading up to the day and all the decisions you need to make are of great importance to you. The difficulty is that you are pretty much a first time buyer on most, if not all aspects of the day. From choosing your venue, the cars or your dress, you’ll be going to shops and suppliers that you haven’t been to before. If friends, family or colleagues have recently been married, you can get recommendations from them, but other than this, you’re in the hands of the shop or supplier, their portfolios and customer testimonials.
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