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Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions of Ramsgate, always produce delightful cakes that are appropriate, wonderful to look at, fit for all special occasions, and they taste gorgeous too!
Your wedding day is most notably one of the greatest days of your life. Therefore all the preparations leading up to the day and all the decisions you need to make are of great importance to you. The difficulty is that you are pretty much a first time buyer on most, if not all aspects of the day. From choosing your venue, the cars or your dress, you’ll be going to shops and suppliers that you haven’t been to before. If friends, family or colleagues have recently been married, you can get recommendations from them, but other than this, you’re in the hands of the shop or supplier, their portfolios and customer testimonials.
Weddings are more and more achievable these days on tight budgets, with careful planning, and when it comes to the wedding cake, it is no exception.
Your wedding cake is a big decision with so many shapes, sizes, designs and flavours to chose from. If you're stuck and struggling with all the choice then this guide may help.
When an occasion dictates the need for a cake many of us go to our local supermarket and buy something off the shelf.
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