The perfect birthday cake!
22nd August 2016
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You can get cakes from your local shop or if you’re feeling a little bit thoughtful, you can make one yourself. There are a lot of cake recipes available online and each one of them looks really appetising but what should we really do to make a perfect birthday cake?

Look for a tried and tested recipe

If a recipe you have made before has previously received a lot of good reviews and feedback, you can be sure that it will also turn out good if you follow it correctly again. Information is almost always available and taking time to find the recipe that you’re most comfortable with will surely benefit you.

Use the right tools

If a recipe calls for a certain kind of pan or a different cupcake liner, follow it. These recipes have these requirements for a reason. If you’re not going to use a loaf tin, how are you going to make a loaf bread? As simple as that.

The oven needs to be pre- heated

When you place your cake batter inside the oven that’s not hot enough, there’s a good chance it will not turn out as what the recipe says. Temperature is very crucial when baking any bread or pastries so it’s important to always pre- heat your oven before using it. It’s best to pre- heat it while you’re preparing the cake batter.

Ingredients and its weight should be accurate

When a recipe calls for only 85 grams of flour, you can’t simply add 10 grams more just because you want to have a bigger cake. Each ingredient complements the other and having them out of proportion can spell disaster for you. Use measuring spoons or cups and kitchen scale for more accurate measuring.

The temperature of your ingredients matter

This usually concerns the butter, eggs and creams. If you put a chilled cream when the recipe needs it at room temperature, your cream’s texture will be foam- like instead of a liquid type and this can affect the texture of your cake once you pop it out of the oven.

Don’t stall it outside the oven

Once you have finished preparing the batter and your oven’s already pre- heated, make sure to put the batter immediately to take advantage of the raising agents present in it. Popping it immediately into the oven will give your cake and nice and plump raising.

Follow the cooking time and properly cool it off

This is really important because taking out your cake earlier than the needed baking time will make your cake raw and leaving it a little bit longer might burn it. Make sure that you’re keeping track of your baking time if your oven doesn’t have an automatic shut off when the timer hits zero. As for the cooling of the cakes, most recipes have indicated the needed cooling procedure such as leaving the cake in the tin for 10 minutes before taking it off and putting in the cooling rack.

Each step in a baking recipe has a purpose and baking can be considered as an art of perfection and sophistication. Keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to produce good cakes that you and your family can enjoy. However, if you don’t have enough time to whip up a cake (it usually takes two to three hours), you can always visit or contact Denise’s Cakes for All Occasion to have delicious cakes in just a nick of time. They offer a wide variety of cakes to choose from and you can get one for yourself in less than five minutes. No baking required!

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