Why buy off the shelf when you can get the cake of your dreams?
15th January 2015
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When an occasion dictates the need for a cake many of us go to our local supermarket and buy something off the shelf. For many birthdays or occasions this is fine, but if you’ve got an extra special occasion, want something unique or even just something that tastes nicer than the ones found on supermarket shelves then what you want is someone such as Denise who will meet you, talk through your requirements and make the cake to suit you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a christening, wedding, birthday, engagement, celebration or even a divorce your needs will be catered for and you will get a unique, one off cake that can be personalised to your specifications. The boundaries are only limited to what it is physically possible to create.  

While a commissioned cake is likely to be more expensive than those you find in the supermarket, the quality of the product is far superior to something that is mass produced. Love, care and attention is put into every cake made and it will be as fresh as is possible – can your local supermarket boast the same?

Not only will you have something totally unique but a homemade cake can be made to suit different dietary requirements. If you need something gluten free, dairy free or lactose free etc. then someone such as Denise will be able to accommodate this with ease. If you have guests with multiple dietary requirements then different tiers could be created, with each tier being personalised how you choose, meaning that no one will be without a slice of heaven on the big day.

So, if you’ve got an event coming up and want something a little more special than something ‘off the shelf’ then why not contact Denise’s Cakes for all Occasions to talk through you design ideas and see the big difference that a special cake can add to your event.                                                                                                                                                        

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