Tips for deciding on the wedding cakes of your dreams
19th February 2015
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There are so many things to consider for your big day! The wedding cake is just one of them and, as with everything else on the day, it has to be just perfect; but with so many different designs, flavours and styles out there how on earth are you supposed to choose?

Create a mood board for your wedding cake. Fill it with ideas of styles of cakes you like, your favourite puddings, fabric swatches you like, photos, paintings, jewellery, holiday photos, your venue etc. All of these will help your cake maker to gain a feel of what you like and what’s important to you (especially if you’re struggling with ideas) and in no time your ideal cake will materialise in design form.

Pick and choose the bits you like best from the maker’s portfolio. You may love a cake shape, decoration or flavour shown in one picture but hate other aspects of it so pick out all the bits you do like to get the overall cake of your dreams.

Don’t even consider ordering your cake before trying out some samples. The last thing you want is for your guests to try the cake on your big day and it’s only at that point you realise that the person who made you cake was fabulous at decorating it but can’t bake a cake to save their life! It’s also a way of helping you chose flavour combinations. You may love the idea of a coconut cake with a lime filling and flavoured frosting but does that actually work? If you want to spice it up a bit then why not have different flavours over different tiers? Different flavoured sponges, a mix of sponge and fruit cake or even fruit cake, sponge cake and cupcakes are all different themes you could play with.

Don’t be afraid to mix up sizes – if you decide to have cupcakes as your wedding cake or as part of it then why not have small and large sizes? Not only are the small ones great for children but they are also good for adults who only want a small sweet treat after their waistband busting meal. You could also have different flavours to incorporate all your favourites.

If you like thing a little more quirky and aren’t a fan of ‘traditional’ then why not go for something quite different and go for a croquembouche (a wonderful tower of profiteroles and toffee), a themed cake (Doctor Who, Star Wars, Hello Kitty, Disney are all themes that people have used for their wedding cakes) or if you aren’t a fan of cake but still want something sweet then how about having a cookie table or even a tower of macaroons?

If all of this has given you ideas for your wedding cake but need help formulating a working design then why not get in contact with Denise’s Cakes for all Occasions today and let her help you create the cake of your dreams.   

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