What Should You Expect From a Wedding Cake Maker?
16th December 2015
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Your wedding day is most notably one of the greatest days of your life.  Therefore all the preparations leading up to the day and all the decisions you need to make are of great importance to you.  The difficulty is that you are pretty much a first time buyer on most, if not all aspects of the day.  From choosing your venue, the cars or your dress, you’ll be going to shops and suppliers that you haven’t been to before.  If friends, family or colleagues have recently been married, you can get recommendations from them, but other than this, you’re in the hands of the shop or supplier, their portfolios and customer testimonials.

One huge decision, as it is the centrepiece of your wedding reception, is your wedding cake.  Finding the right cake maker is paramount, because the right choice of person with the skills you need will ensure that they are able to make, bake and decorate the cake of your dreams.  Whether you have a set idea in your mind or need inspiration from your chosen cake maker, what should you expect of them?


A Face To Face Meeting – It is essential for you to meet with potential or your chosen cake maker.  You will get a full indication of their personality during the meeting, which you couldn’t do over the telephone or via email.  You need to be able to connect with them in order to share ideas or convey exactly what it is you’re looking for in a wedding cake.  This is almost impossible to do over the counter within a shop for example, so you should expect a sit down private meeting with them.

See Their Creations – It is very nice to hear all about the different flowers your cake maker can produce and spoken examples of cakes they’ve made for others.  However, it is recommended that you ask or are invited to see examples of what they have created.  They should be able to show real icing flowers that they’ve made and they should certainly have a portfolio of pictures of cakes they’ve made.  It is likely that they will have projects underway, so they should be in a position to show you real examples of their creations.

Try Before You Buy – Whether you know exactly what type of cake you’d like for your wedding cake, be it chocolate, fruit cake or sponge cake, your cake maker should let you try samples of their versions of these bakes.  If you aren’t sure of what type of cake you’re looking for then they should also be able to let you try a selection of options, allowing you to choose the one you like best.

Professional Set Up – There are regulations that your cake maker needs to adhere to in order to be in the catering business, so you should expect them to have a professional set up.  It’s therefore worth thinking about them from the first time they answer the telephone and how they greet you, to visiting their premises to see how they are set up.  They should also have contacts and Terms and Conditions.  Remember, you will be paying a lot to have the cake made and you must ensure they can deliver this.

Experience & Advice – Your cake maker should be able to talk to you from experience and offer you advice based on their experiences.  Whilst you’re asking them to make one cake to deliver to one venue, they should have made and delivered many cakes to many venues.  They’ll know what types of cake work with particular venues, where possibly heat could affect the cake etc. 

Questions – Your cake maker should want to know all about your plans for the day and ask many questions about you as well.  This is to give them a clearer understanding of you, your personality, your wedding day and how the cake they will make will fit perfectly into the day.  Your cake maker should also care about your responses, so the questions should be engaging and not read methodically.


Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions in Ramsgate is a professional company, baking making and decorating cakes for all occasions.  With a caring approach, Denise will organise a one to one meeting with you to discuss your wedding cake and can show you many examples of the cakes she’s made for so many others.



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