Do you need a wedding cake on a budget?
1st October 2015
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The wedding cake tends to be the second most photographed subject, after the bride of course, and as such, you want it to look perfect. On a budget, however, this may seem like something impossible but here are some ways of getting a really stylish, eye-catching, cake of your dreams that can fit within what you are hoping to spend.

It’s important to remember that when you’re looking for someone to create this masterpiece, much of the cost involved will be in the time and effort researching and planning the cake design as well as the time it takes to actually make the cake and decorate it. While ingredients are a consideration, they play a smaller role in the cost than you may think. The time spent on creating the cake is one of the biggest aspects and it is here where the savings can be made, although choosing a sponge over a fruit cake will also help reduce the cost. 

Prepare well for your first consultation with your cake maker and take as much information as you can about what style of cake you want and what designs, colours and themes you would like it to encompass. Having a firm idea of what you want it to look like will save time on the design process and help make this part run smoother.

Tips for helping reduce the cost also include:

  • Reducing portions/portion sizes rather than having to compromise on the design.
  • Use standard shapes for the tiers (typically square or circular) as this will mean that the boards don’t have to be cut to the required shape, thus saving time.
  • Stunning designs can be created with simple techniques, such as edible lace, that don’t actually take too long to create so by using such methods, you can have a striking looking cake that hasn’t taken as long to decorate.
  • If you want something that is highly detailed, do this on just one of the tiers rather than on every one and this will reduce the cost.
  • Edible paste or paper flowers look stunning on a wedding cake and if you want them on yours, have larger ones as these will take less time to create compared to having a larger number of smaller flowers.
  • When it comes to flavours, go for classic ones, such as chocolate or Victoria, that are popular and just have one or two flavours of cake rather than many.
  • If you want height to your cake but would struggle to afford the number of tiers you would like, why not discuss dummy tiers with your designer.
  • A cake that doesn’t require assembly at the reception venue will also cost less than one that needs time to be put together.

If you’re after a wedding cake then get in contact with Denise’s Cakes for all Occasions today and find out how she can help create the cake of your dreams!

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