Healthy birthday cake ideas
23rd November 2016
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Here are different healthy birthday cake ideas that we can whip up the next time an occasion calls for a sweet treat.

Fruit Cake

This is not the usual fruit cake that we see in bakeshops or pastry shops. The usual fruit cake that we know is the one that has rum and fruit cocktail mixed in a bread. The healthier version of fruit cake is using actual fruits. We can use watermelon as the ‘bread’ part of the cake and add a mix of fruits in between together with whipped cream. This is perfect for everyone who wishes to eat something new and healthier for them to have more birthdays to come.

Substitute some ingredients

One way to cut down calories is switching up the ingredients. Doing so, there will be small changes in texture, smell and taste of your cakes but it won’t be noticeable unless you really have keen smell or taste. You can opt for wheat flour instead of white flour as the former has higher fiber content compared to the latter. Also, you can use margarines instead of butter as the former has lower fat content. You can opt for applesauce to substitute for sugar as it’s much healthier that using the white kind. There are a lot of ingredient substitute that we can use to make our regular cakes become healthier.

Put a brake on toppings

If you know that the cake itself is already a calorie bomb, it’s better to hold back our reins when it comes to its toppings. We wouldn’t want to add more unnecessary calories into our frostings and cake decors that we will also eat as we chow down on the cake. You can use a simple meringue recipe for your cake’s frosting or just whipped cream. Also, we can substitute candy or chocolate toppings with fresh fruits.

All of these birthday cake ideas are quite far from what we are used to but these are great ideas if we want to save a few calories from our cakes. We can indulge but it doesn’t mean that our bellies should also bulge. If you find it hard to find the perfect healthy cakes for your celebration, contact Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions to have your fill of indulgent and guilt- free cakes to enjoy.

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