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March 1st 2012 is the day Google's new privacy policy goes into effect, meaning your Google Web History will be shared among all of the Google products you use!
Tis the season to be jolly!Macclesfield is full of happy smiley people, thoroughly enjoying our favourite time of year, or so we're told. It's not a crime to feel down in the dumps at this time of year, but there are ways of keeping your spirits up
Workplace Issues Caused By Inclement Weather by William B. Rose & Associates.
After many months of rumour, Business Secretary Vince Cable has announced the government's proposals for what is claimed to be the biggest shakeup of employment law for decades.
Police in Chester are offering a seasonal initiative against purse snatches which here in Macclesfield, we can easily adopt to ensure our Christmas doesn't end in tears. Jingle all the way to safe and happy Christmas shopping
Twitter Warning
Twitter Warning
The chances are relatively high that you have been targeted by cyber criminals via your twitter account.
Can you have both? Cheap prices AND customer service? Local verses Chain?
Local business owners are constantly confronted by change. You only have to look at the way businesses were 60 years ago or so to see how literally EVERYTHING has changed for them.
Cheshire Police have reported a significant reduction in alcohol related crimes in Macclesfield and surrounding areas as a direct result of their Good, Bad and Ugly campaign run throughout the summer months
As what we optimistically referred to as the great British Summer draws to a close, we at least know what to expect over the coming months, cold, cold and more cold. Early preparation can ensure we stay cosy and solvent whilst the elements do their worst
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