Will Macclesfield be shivering again this winter? Be prepared for the cold weather without breaking the bank
17th September 2011
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As temperatures start to plummet and fuel costs reach record highs, make sure the cold doesn't bite as hard as the recession by being prepared for the winter months.


The last two winters have broken weather records in a way we probably would have preferred not to experience.  Yes, the Macclesfield countryside blanketed in snow is a beautiful sight, for a couple of days maybe.  But when reality hits and you can't get to the shops, the boiler breaks, pipes burst and the car is stuck a quarter of a mile down the road, bumper deep in snow you felt sure it would be able to get through, then you might wish you had been a bit more prepared.


We're pretty good at resilience, as long as our home is a warm refuge.  If you aren't on one of the many gas service plans available it might be worth checking out what’s out there, particularly if your central heating system isn't in its first flush of youth.  As a rule, when you sign up to a monthly plan, the provider will send an engineer within the first couple of weeks to check and service the system they are effectively now responsible for.  It is in their interests to ensure your boiler doesn't break down as prevention is generally cheaper than cure.


If your monthly budget is already overstretched, a1drainage solutions is a local family run business that offers a full plumbing service including boiler servicing, maintenance and repair.


As for your energy providers, it costs nothing other than your time to enter your details into one of the many comparison websites to check you're getting the best deal available.  Switching providers is painless and could potentially save a packet.


When the weather hits, it can appear from the news reports that the country grinds to a halt.  This is not necessarily the case and most of us still have to get to work, appointments etc.  Now is not the time to wish you'd put the antifreeze in.


Auto Body Care Ltd in Macclesfield is currently offering 10% discount on repairs and services through our offers page. A service and pre winter check are best done sooner rather than later, and make sure your tyres and wiper blades are good, we make them work very hard over the winter.  Now might also be the time to stock the car with some emergency essentials; de-icer and ice scraper, torch, a warm blanket and a plastic mac.  Jump leads are definitely more useful if kept in the car (rather than the garage!) as is a shovel over the winter. If you're planning a long journey, or even a short one in severe weather, pack some emergency food and a flask, and make sure you have any medication with you.  And an in car phone charger could be a lifesaver (what DID we do before mobile phones?!)


Now is also the best time to start popping a couple of extra items in your shopping trolley each week.  I'm not talking about stocking up for Armageddon, but a cupboard shelf of non perishable essentials, long life milk, tea bags, tinned foods etc could mean you don't have to venture out in the worst of it. 


Also when it DOES snow you can guarantee within 24 hours there will be no salt on the shelves!  I buy a bag of dishwasher salt (it's cheaper) every couple of weeks and keep it in the garage.  If you want to be uber prepared, pick up a bag of grit or fine gravel from the garden centre. (I did nearly break my back falling on the drive two years ago, hence the extreme caution in this area!)


Our homes can suffer in extreme weather conditions, frost, leaks, gale force winds can all take their toll.  Are you covered?  Another necessary evil as our funds are stretched, but insuring your home could save an absolute fortune in the long run.  Stonier Insurance will ensure you get the cover you need at the best price available, and if you already have home insurance they guarantee to beat your renewal premium.


So make sure your loft is insulated to within an inch of its life, draught proof your doors and windows, get yourself a cosy blanket and big fluffy slippers and prepare to be toasty this winter!

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