Price verses Customer Service?
3rd October 2011
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In these difficult times many of us (including me!) are guilty of choosing the cheapest shops; the best price; convenience over quality!


The problem with this is, if we continue, the little local shops that we all still love so much will no longer carry on. How many of rave about a great local shop and how fabulous it is?! Probably most of us, we all know a great local shop/business. The problem is do we use it often enough or do we only use it when we can't find what we need in the supermarkets and large chain stores?


I go into large shops and come out frustrated! I can't find what I need, I've asked someone and they usually have no clue what I'm on about and look at me like I've got a spaceship on my head!


With a local shop/business you get friendly service, a family atmosphere and helpful staff. In a local shop you usually get served by the Shop owner or a family member! People who want to serve you, people who value you your custom, people who want you to come back because they rely on your business, people who love their customers and get to know you.


I know what you're all thinking "the supermarkets are cheaper!" and you'd be right, on the whole they are. But is that all that matters to us? Are we all really that fickle?


The best example I can give you is my Parents old Hardware store. For years our family shop served the people of Warrington, then (dare i say the swear word???) B&Q arrived on Winwck Road and many of our once loyal customers abandoned us in favour of cheaper prices. But what we repeatedly saw was many customers wasting petrol going to B&Q, not finding what they were looking for, they couldn't find a member of staff in the "right department" who could help or if they did find it they had to buy a pack rather than single items (so really more expensive!) and ended up coming back to us. Ok so they paid 20 or 30 pence more for the item but they got what they needed, they got help with buying the right item and weren't forced into buying a pack of 20 screws when they only needed 6!


However like many small businesses not enough customers came back, many chose the cheaper option and so in October last year we closed our doors for good. So many people were sorry to see us go and believe me so many people were aggressive (but these were usually the people who came in once a year when B&Q had sold out!)


The point I'm trying to make is yes whilst the big stores may save you pence, they don't know your name, they don't ask you how your Grandchildren are and they don't always have the knowledge and skill to make sure you buy the right product.


If we all buy local just a bit more then those little shops we know and love will be around for many years to come!





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