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7th October 2011
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Do you use twitter, if so have you received the following

I saw a real bad blog about you, you seen this? link



The chances are relatively high that you will have received the above tweet sent as a Direct Message; if you haven’t you probably will very soon!  


If you click on the link it will take you to a website that looks like a twitter login page, and you’re asked to provide your user name and password.


STOP - Please Do Not Enter Your User Name & Password


Of course, it’s not actually THE twitter login page, it may look like it, but if you look carefully at the address bar you’ll notice that you’re not actually at but somewhere else instead e.g.

This is the work of cyber criminals and they want your twitter account password, they are using direct messages known as DM’s from accounts you are following on Twitter.

The chances are that the person you’re following on twitter whose account sent you the DM has already fallen victim to this scam.

If you’re reading this blog and it’s too late and you have already fallen for the scam, then you must change your twitter password immediately and also check that your email address for your twitter account has not been changed. Also in your twitter account settings under applications revoke any third party applications that you are unsure of.

Remember if you’ve used the same e-mail address and password on other web sites for example facebook, then immediately check them out and change their passwords.

Finally if you do click a link on twitter and the web page that comes up requests you to provide login details, simply close the web page!


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