The only thing constant is change (and great people...)
29th September 2011
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The only thing constant is change (and great people...)

If you’ve logged into Facebook recently, you may have noticed that it’s looking rather different!   It's not just a little tweak here and there either, Facebook has had a complete overhaul.

The social network is constantly changing its functionality but this latest makeover has been the most dramatic by far and so far the feedback has been rather mixed.

I always find it interesting to watch peoples reactions when things change because there’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to challenge you.

You can choose to respond by either embracing change and committing to making the most of it or to fight against it.

Local business owners are constantly confronted by change.  You only have to look at the way businesses were 60 years ago or so to see how literally EVERYTHING has changed for them.  They’ve had to adapt to different methods of communicating with their customers, they’ve had to fight competition from the big chain stores by being the best they can possibly be, they’ve had to adapt to the arrival of the internet and all the challenges and opportunities that brings... all sorts of things have changed the way businesses have to operate and it’s important that the ones who are dedicated to providing a fantastic service, come what may, are rewarded with our support and loyalty.

At thebestof we’re really passionate about the great people that run fantastic local businesses and if you are too, why not look around the website and take a look at some of the special (and totally exclusive) offers we have for you.  They are all from highly recommended local businesses who are going the extra mile to rise to the many changes and challenges that being in business in this day and age is throwing at them.

Why not take a look?


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