The Good, the Bad and the Ugly have a positive effect on Macclesfield's crime rates!
24th September 2011
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The message of the campaign was simply 'If you drink too much you are more likely to become a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour.'


Highlighting the vulnerability of people who binge drink, it centred on ten 'Top Looks to Avoid' illustrated by high impact pictures of what are sadly typical sights on a Friday and Saturday night - a tearful young girl sitting in the roadside, clearly the worse for wear and a man dressed in a clown costume walking along a railway line. Cheshire Police also provided a leaflet advising people how to stay safe through the summer BBQ season, which were available in Tesco supermarkets and other stores.


Assistant Chief Constable Janette McCormick confirmed that the campaign had proved a success in creating awareness of alcohol related problems, resulting in a decrease in the number of incidents compared to the same period in 2010.


The campaign is set to continue, and in particular will be targeting under age drinkers through School Liaison Officers getting the message across to young people.


During the run up to Christmas, a new set of 'Looks to Avoid' with a seasonal theme are being planned, with the intent of continuing to raise awareness and reduce alcohol related crime statistics.


If you have any comments or queries regarding this campaign visit the Cheshire Constabulary website, which also offers a wealth of information and advice about policing in our area.

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