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27th February 2014
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Apparently, March 20th 2014 is the first day of spring.

According to news reports, we have had the wettest winter in 250 years, but as yet the UK hasn't come to a complete standstill due to snow.

However, with the 'white stuff' forecast to fall in certain areas this weekend that could signal severe disruption, I am not naive enough to believe that we have escaped completely unscathed. But the fact is that the temperatures have not been ridiculously low and I have definitely seen some sun this week.

Unfortunately, although the faithful dog is loving every minute of the mild weather, my house is not. I must have been a little over-zealous when hanging the Christmas decorations in December as I'm suddenly noticing little holes in the woodwork where the nails were holding up the garland, scuffs on the walls where the tree once was... 

In fact, everything is looking a little dull and dirty. And all the sun is doing is highlighting every little mark!

Now I could just close the blinds and pretend that I live in the Arctic, where they can have as little as three hours of sunlight per day. However, I hear that living in almost perpetual darkness is not good for your mental wellbeing so I suppose it's time to pick up that paintbrush!

Wait! Why do it yourself?

Why is it that everytime a room needs to be painted, you think it'll take only a few hours? No matter how many times you have slogged through days of undercoat, gloss and matt paint, you still approach the next project with a 'that won't take long' attitude.

Take it from me - you can end up with weekends and evenings spent halfway up a ladder, wishing you could be doing anything else. Tired, annoyed and aching, knowing that you have to finish before midnight in order to get enough sleep to function at work the next day.

Surely it makes more sense to spend a bit extra and pass on the work to a professional painter and decorator? Instead of you ending up covered in paint and desperately trying to paint over the messy bits, you can get someone who knows exactly what they're doing to come to your Cambridge home and take care of the decorating for you.

To me, that sounds like money well spent!

Here in Cambridge, we are lucky enough to have three great painting and decorating companies - Lofts & Griffiths, Steve the Decorator and S Donald Painters and Decorators, all of whom have established fantastic reputations for their professionalism, workmanship and service. 

And it's not just painting that can be sorted - wallpaper, coving, plastering... everything can be done to your specifications, on time and within budget.

So don't spend the start of spring stuck up a ladder wishing you hadn't bothered buying that roll of wallpaper or pot of paint in the first place. Contact one of our recommended Cambridge painters and decorators today and enjoy a refreshed, repainted and redecorated home!

Please click here for further information about Cambridge's recommended painters and decorators, Lofts & Griffiths, Steve the Decorator and S Donald Painters and Decorators.

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