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Weird World

11 February 2013 12:26

Round-up of weird stories (Source - LEP)

Paralympic hero turns to coaching local folk

HE’S a veteran of four Paralympic Games and has played for every major league team from here to Sydney during a glittering 20 year career that’s given him virtually every medal the sport has to offer.

(Source - Wigan Today)

Record breaking beer fest will beat the blues

THE borough’s quirkiest-sounding real ale festival is up and brimming with confidence of another gloom-busting record-breaker.

Painting for sale in USA

30 January 2013 14:18

A 190-year-old oil painting by Wigan artist Charles Towne is set to fetch up £4,000 at an auction in America.

iWiganese is back

30 January 2013 14:15

THERE are many things which make Wigan special.

Did you know? Mix and Match could save your Business! (Possibly...)

2012 was truly a tough year for a lot of us out there, with the recession still lingering around

10 Most Expensive Fireplaces With Finch's Granite

It's common knowledge that a beautiful fireplace will set you back, but here are the 10 most expensive in the world!

Snow is on its way

18 January 2013 10:48

Lancashire motorists are being warned to be prepared as heavy snow is forecast 
today and over the weekend.

Source - LEP

Did you Know? YouTube is your Friend!

Some people don’t realise how powerful video can be for Business!

Business App of the Month: ANY.Do

Sometimes no matter how hard you try time seems to be a commodity that passes you by before you can say “Great Scott."

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