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Consumer Rights Act 2015
Consumer Rights Act 2015
Know What Your Rights Are When Buying Vehicles...
If I believe I was given an unfair parking ticket, can I do anything about it?
Passengers now have 6 years to claim compensation for flight delays
Legal expenses insurance can be a useful addition to you home insurance policy - but what happens if the insurance company says you have to use one of its far away panel firms ?
Woman wins £28,500 share of house bought and paid for by partner
New rules introduced to protect tenants and landlords against Poor servce by letting agents came into force on ist October 2014
Head of family department explains why this important and what rights partners have
A recent Court of Appeal decision means that you may be able to claim compensation if your flight was delayed due to mechanical failure
How can emplyers ensure that their business is not effected by absent staff during the world cup
HCB solicitors are different to other solicitors. The firm has joined forces with Hatch accountants to provide a one stop shop for businesses
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