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The coronavirus is spreading as fast as feared... Businesses need to be ready for the worst. Preparing the way for remote working is one top recommendation.
Dancing on Ice is a British TV show that hit our screens over a ten-years ago.
On 6th February 2020 the law will change as to how an intestate estate will be distributed.
A Claimant who represented himself in Court proceedings learnt an expensive lesson when he was ordered to pay the costs of a wasted trial when his conduct led to a trial to be adjourned.
The Supreme Court has reversed a Court of Appeal decision and held that the terms of contract can only be changed if the correct procedure is used .
The Supreme Court has held that those who act in person in Court proceedings must abide by the Court rules in the same way as those who are represented by solicitors.
As of 13th January 2018 , Businesses can no longer charge consumers for paying by a particular payment method.
New rules have been brought into effect which makes the debt recovery process slower and more difficult for creditors to chase debtors
if things do not go to plan on holiday , there are various schemes run by ABTA to assist you in obtaining compensation
A cautionary tale that reminds us that postings on social media sites are subject to the law of defamation
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