No special rules for those who represent themselves in Court proceedings
27th February 2018
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In  a landmark judgment , the Supreme Court has held that the Coruts should not give special treatment to those who represent themselves in Court proceedings . 

The case itself concerned a litigant in person who served court proceedings by email. The Court held that this was not valid service under the Court rules . This proved catastrophic for the Claimant , as the time for serving the proceedings had expired and his claim was struck out .

The Court held that , whilst a lack of representation will often justify making allowances in case management decisions and in conducting hearings , it will not justify applying a lower standard of compliance with the Court rules.

The Court explained that the legal framework needed to be fair to both sides and that it would be wrong to give one particular class additional indulgences.

More and more people are representing themselves . However, the Court made it clear that if they do so , then they must familiarise themselves with the Court rules and comply with them .   

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